What have I learnt as a PDA parent?

I have been reflecting on what I have learnt over the past few years from my little boy. Undoubtedly our experience has changed me as a person and has taught me to be more open minded and accepting of society. Hopefully it has also made me a better parent but most importantly, to be the best parent I can for my children.

Here’s some of the many things that I have learnt so far (in no particular order!). As it’s a continuous learning curve I’m sure they’ll be more points to add in years to come!

  • To accept my boy’s condition
  • To take one day at a time
  • Not to bear grudges or to take things personally
  • The power of distraction
  • The art of negotiation!
  • Not to say no!
  • To pick our battles
  • To appreciate his achievements, no matter how big or how small
  • To accept that only us, as parents, and our two other children, can fully understand him
  • To be super organised and prepared for every eventuality!
  • To empathise
  • To take account of his anxiety levels and sensory needs
  • To buy two of everything!
  • Not to expect my boy to cope with sudden changes
  • Not to worry what other people think
  • To accept that no two days are ever the same!
  • To ensure my boy feels understood
  • To put his needs first
  • To appreciate that he can’t always help/control his behaviour
  • Not to take things for granted
  • To do what is best for us as a family
  • To enjoy and cherish the happy times
  • Not to dwell on the difficult times
  • To cherish cuddles and hugs
  • To always keep the kitchen cupboards well stocked!!
  • And most important of all ….. that endless patience is absolutely vital!!

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