The impact of one special day

As I sit down to write this post I literally do not know where to begin. How to describe the last few days. How to explain what we’ve been through. I appreciate that unless you live with PDA it is a very difficult condition to understand. Believe me it’s hard enough for us!

I’ll begin with the positives. My little boy really enjoyed his birthday! He was relaxed, calm and very happy. He happily chatted to friends and family who popped over to see him. He loved all of his presents and cards. He loved his cake. He didn’t want to go out for tea but thoroughly enjoyed his favourite takeaway of McDonald’s. He went to bed a very happy boy.  We were overjoyed that his birthday was a success!  

The next day however was a completely different story. His mood changed rapidly, from happy to angry, from calm to hyper. Everything was wrong and nothing was right. I didn’t have 5 minutes to myself as his needs and demands were constant throughout. Bedtime was a disaster and it was 1.30am before he finally dropped off!

The weekend hasn’t been much different. We have been faced with numerous challenges, meltdowns and tricky episodes. One morning it took him over 2 hours to begin eating his breakfast, the reasons behind which I can’t even begin to explain! This was not simply 2 hours of him not eating, it was 2 hours of demands, shouting and upset. Later that day he got very distressed that I was having to leave the house briefly to pick up his sister and the only way to get round it was to turn it into a game with him timing me. That evening he refused to start the bedtime routine until after his brother finished his homework (?!?!) and again was not able to sleep until late into the night. The days have been long and tiring for us all.

What is hard to accept is the impact that one special event has on my little boy. It has negatively affected him for 3 whole days. Routines have gone awry. Behaviours have been extreme. How sad that he has to endure such huge emotional struggles because of his own birthday. I just hope that for him the happy memories of his birthday override the anxiety that followed. 

4 thoughts on “The impact of one special day

  1. It’s so tough, bad enough that anxiety affects us when it’s things we don’t like but when it effects happy times and fun things, it’s just so hard for everyone.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Totally agree. I was so happy that my son enjoyed his birthday but then feel so sorry for him that it affects him so badly afterwards.

  2. Yes, my little boy had his 5th Birthday in April and it was, well, interesting to say the least! Next year will be a little different I think, it was all too much xx

    1. It’s hard to get it right isn’t it? Last year he had a big party (which he had asked for) but it was far too much for him in the end. This year was a quieter affair. Amazing that it still affected him so much though 🙁

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