The countdown begins…

As most children are preparing to break up for the long awaited summer holidays we are just beginning the countdown for starting a new school in September. My little boy has been out of school for nearly 9 months now, so getting him used to a school routine is going to be an uphill struggle. 

I am filled with mixed emotions. I know that he needs the structure and support that his new school will be able to provide. I also know that I need a break and the chance to get a piece of me back that has been lost along the way. However I also feel massively apprehensive about leaving him in the care of people that do not know him, in an unknown environment. He is a complex character in so many ways and even we, his family, do not always get it right! I hope that they see what a kind and loving boy he is beneath the anxious, temperamental and sometimes angry exterior. 

We can not underestimate what a huge challenge this is for my boy. He is going to really struggle being separated from me after being at home every day for so long. It will be like starting school for the first time, both for him and for me. The new demands and expectations are going to exhaust him and no doubt trigger many meltdowns. It will also take time for him to trust new adults after having endured some difficult experiences at previous schools. 

Some may assume that I can’t wait for him to be back at school. And yes, there is a little part of me that feels this, but there is a bigger part of me that wishes I could just keep him safe and protected at home, away from the world that he finds so difficult to deal with. This is not reality though and at some point he needs to learn to deal with the everyday issues that life throws at us on the path to becoming independent. 

7 weeks to go….

4 thoughts on “The countdown begins…

  1. May thoughts are with you all in this new period of anxiety and preparation. Try to have faith that in time things will slowly improve for your little boy. He will be left with specialists who will have far greater understanding of the challenges he faces every minute of every day, far more than any mainstream school could ever give.
    God bless you all.

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