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It’s been a week of ups and downs starting with Father’s Day last weekend. Yet again a special occasion evoked mixed behaviours from my little boy. The morning panned out pretty well, the present giving went as planned and all was calm. The afternoon however was a different story. When family came round to visit my boy struggled with not being in control and could not deal with the situation. Looking back, perhaps we had not prepared him far enough in advance, as he was surprised that we were having visitors on a day where he envisaged it being centred around Daddy alone. Sadly I have to admit that we were all relieved when the day came to an end.

The week has been a bit of a rollercoaster.  We’ve had some very difficult times with extreme mood changes and with my boy demanding the impossible. These have been difficult and exhausting. Having been at home full-time with him for over seven months now (when he left mainstream school), the constant demands and frequent meltdowns are taking their toll on my levels of patience and ability to cope.

However we’ve also had some good times, which I truly appreciate, no matter how long or short they may last! We made it out to the park, somewhere he’s not been in a long while. We were lucky enough to have the park to ourselves for some time which he enjoyed. He’s not one to just play on the swings and slides as other children may do, the equipment quickly becomes part of a very involved game and I have to play my role as directed. No sitting on a bench relaxing in the sun! As soon as two other little boys arrived though the game came to an abrupt end and he wanted to leave as quickly as possible. With the lack of interaction he has with other children at the moment, his tolerance levels seem to have diminished drastically. I do hope that when he starts his new school in September he will slowly relearn how to socialise with other individuals.

Other positives that we’ve experienced this week were looking at a book together and baking cakes, activities which have been avoided for a long while. Plus the hot weather meant we could get the paddling pool out, which my boy loves! He had a lot of fun taking all his Paw Patrol toys out there and thoroughly enjoyed playing games in the water with them. I even got some brief moments where I could relax in the sun!! He’s not best pleased that the weather has now turned and it’s not warm enough to go in the pool. Fingers crossed please for some more sunshine!

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  1. I cry inwardly each time I read another wonderfully written blog entry, feeling so much for your pain and anxiety as parents and wishing there was some way we the readers could help alleviate the stress you find yourselves in during the difficult times but rejoice with you when I read of the good times. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. xxxxx

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