Only 5 days to go!!

The past few weeks have flown by and suddenly we find ourselves only a few days away from my boy starting his new school! 

He seems to be accepting it fairly well considering it’s been 9 months since he last went to school. We have got the shoes, tried on the uniform, talked about the morning routine….everything is in place! He has been lucky enough to meet a new friend who will be in the same class as him. This has helped a lot and I’m sure will give him that little bit of extra support that he’ll need on his first few days there. 

We have had a good few weeks. We had a ‘staycation’ this year instead of going away and this was very successful. We managed several days out and my boy really enjoyed the different activities and spending time together as a family. He has progressed significantly, as 6 months ago he would barely leave the house at all. This makes our outings even more special and appreciated by us all. He seems so much happier in himself now, more sociable and more agreeable to going out. I really hope that this continues! Obviously there’s a part of me that worries that going back to school will result in him taking several steps back in terms of his anxiety and wellbeing. But I have to try and be positive and hope that as it is a specialist school the support that they provide will only serve to improve his social and emotional state. Fingers crossed!

It will seem very quiet without him at home as he is a very chatty and demanding little boy! But at least it means I can recharge my batteries during the day and be in a healthier and happier state for when he is at home. It will be nice not to feel so drained for a change! I will certainly miss him though and will no doubt be counting the hours until I collect him from school!!

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