Monday morning

A fairly good start to the week, for a Monday. No problem getting dressed or leaving the house, although we were a little late as choosing what he wanted to watch while he had breakfast took a little long that it should have. 

Listened to his favourite CD in the car, he listens to the same tracks each time. Number 12, number 19 and number 20. This really helps keep him calm in the car and help focus his mind on something other than school. 

When we arrived he was hesitant to get out the car, but he did so after a few minutes. He scooted off as usual. As we approached the front door of the school the change in my boy was very noticeable. He looked cross and unhappy. Even I noticed my own anxiety raising as we got to the door, worrying about what lies in store for him today, so he must be going through the same thoughts. He was very reluctant to go in the door and didn’t want anyone around in the reception area while we said goodbye. 

So I have left a very grumpy looking little boy at school and will now spend every minute of the day worrying how he’s getting on. It’s anyone’s guess how long he’ll last today. 

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