A special bond between father and son

I’m sure when many dads get home from work they take time out for themselves – watching tv, going for a run, popping out to the pub, going out for a bike ride. Not this one. This dad’s attention is needed from the moment he steps through the door. “Yay Daddy’s home!” my boy calls as he rushes to greet him. From then on he only wants Daddy. Mummy’s shift is over.

First it’s Minecraft. And never a short or simple game. The two of them can spend hours engrossed in an elaborate build or a complicated mission. No evening can ever pass without Minecraft, it is an essential part of the schedule never to be skipped. After this, on a bath night, Daddy is required to play long and involved imaginative games as even having a bath is never a straightforward task! On other nights a game of hide and seek often ensues. Finally, at bedtime, Daddy sits with my boy until he settles, listening to the same story on his CD night after night. Mummy does get a turn listening (as per the rota that my boy drew up!), but I have a sneaky feeling that he prefers it to be Daddy as then they can discuss future minecraft plans! 

Of course evenings don’t always run smoothly and a curveball can often be thrown in to the mix. This can result in games becoming even more drawn out and timings going askew. Endless patience is required, along with the acceptance of surrendering any relaxation time. Even on a ‘normal’ evening, there is little time left before our own bedtime. 

My boy is very lucky to have a dad who is willing and happy to give him his undivided attention after a hard day at work. I hope that one day he will be able to thank him himself, but for now I am saying thank you on his behalf. I love the bond that you share and am very grateful for everything that you do.

7 thoughts on “A special bond between father and son

  1. Hi. My daughter has PDA. I can totally relate to what you have written so far. We home educate her but everything else is very much the same. And she too has a fantastic Daddy who plays Minecraft and silly games with her 😊 Best of luck getting the PDA assessment and the right support in place at school and thanks for sharing your experiences x

  2. A lovely piece. However, my experience of my partner and most of my friends’ partners is very similar. As was my experience of my own dad. They don’t go to the pub, watch TV or go for a bike ride. They devote time to their children until they go to bed. To imply most dads don’t is a little unfair in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for your comment Natalie. I am so sorry that you took it that way though. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that! I was careful to write “many dads”, not ‘most dads’, but I apologise if it came across wrong. It was simply a post to express my gratitude to my husband for all that he does for our autistic son. I am sure there are many many dads out there who also devote every evening to their children!!

  3. Hope this blog helps others who have a precious child like yours. Also that you find courage and strength from comments from the parents of other children who have PDA. That little boy of yours is lucky to have such loving and caring parents. xx

  4. My hubby does this too after a 12 hour work day! Our daughter who is 7 is very similar, as is my 13 year old son! Hubby has to share very little evening time between 2 kids who both want Daddy time! No pub, tv, bike rides etc here after work, but we love it!

  5. This brought a tear to my eye. Your little boy’s struggles, his daddy’s devotion and your humility in sharing. Bless you all x

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