A disappointing start…

So having written such a positive post at the end of last year, 2018 has not begun in the way that we had hoped πŸ™

The lunchtime arrangements at my little boy’s school have changed this term. A change which he is currently not able to cope with. Last term, as he was not ready to eat in the lunch hall with the rest of the school, he ate in a small kitchen with a few other children and a couple of teachers. This term it has been decided that the kitchen is no longer to be used and therefore he has to eat in the hall. We always knew that this would happen one day but had no idea that it would happen so suddenly and so quickly.

The mistake the school made was to inform my boy about the upcoming change right at the end of term. This left him with 2 whole weeks to worry about it and by the time term began his anxiety level was so high that he was unable to go to school. Eating with other people has always been an issue for him. He rarely eats with us at home and does not like to eat at other people’s houses. He is also very particular about his food and likes to eat certain foods on specific days. He will rarely deviate from this.

The big step he was about to make at school was to progress from packed lunches to cooked lunches. Having been introduced to school lunches very gradually over the last few weeks of term, he had come to like them and was very proud of himself for trying new foods. What he did not anticipate was having to make 2 big changes at once – eating school lunches AND eating in the hall.

We will try again over the weekend to persuade him to give it a go on Monday. The one thing we do know is that he is eventually able to cope with change, it just takes time for him to get used to it. Once he is at school he is much more amenable (mainly due to masking) and it is even possible he may go along with the new arrangements! It’s just getting over the big hurdle of reducing his anxiety enough to leave the house! Fingers crossed that next week I can update my blog saying that he is back at school and coping with lunchtimes!

3 thoughts on “A disappointing start…

  1. What a disappointment for you after so much progress last term. Hope things settle again soon and that he adjusts to the new arrangement before too long. Keep strong.

    1. Thanks Steph. School did make it difficult for us to impose such an unnecessary change. Amazingly we did get him back to school last week and he even ate in the lunch hall (just to prove us wrong!) However this morning we’re back to school refusal πŸ™ Such a rollercoaster.

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